Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Life As A Writer

For the past five years I've dabbled in writing.

Here and there I'd write a partial manuscript, only to give up when it became too frustrating.

I'd attend a writer's conference, feed off the energy and resolve to write more. But of coarse, the conference energy would fizzle and die, right along with my writing goals.

But then the best thing happened. It took four and a half years, but I found a constructive writers group that literally meets a mile from my home. Who would think finding a good writers group would be difficult? But it is. To find writers who have the same goals and inspire you by their determination is a lot harder than most would think.

Once a month we meet. We critique each others manuscripts, talk about books we've read, and encourage each other. And each month I am rejuvenated in my goal to write.

Except for last night. As I read everyone else's manscripts my frustration in my own writing grew. I've learned so much, but connecting what I've learned into my writing is extremely difficult. And I know its because I've spent more time learning and not enough time doing.

So this blog will mark the beginning my journey of self discovery as an author. I hesitate to call myself that. An AUTHOR. Who am I to call myself that? And then, like Gaylene quoting Martine Leavitt last night, "I'm a Child of God." And because I know that, I know I can do anything I want if I put in the time and the work. And I want to be an author.


  1. You are an author! You write books, even if they are just for you (for now...) :)

  2. Thanks Gaylene! You're a sweetheart. :)

  3. That quote inspires me to be courageous. Thanks for your inspiration.

  4. That's right! You go GIRL!!! You can do anything you put your mind to!! Love you!

  5. Mom - I'd never thought of 'I'm A Child of God' that way before. But its so true. We have such potential if we put in the time and the work.

    Bristy - you make me feel good! Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe I should have you organize not only my closets, but my time and life as well! (It would be greatly appreciated) haha. Love you too.
    P.S. - only five more days. You're almost there!

  6. Way to go! I think this is awesome!

  7. Thanks for stopping by Julie Anne.

    I think I should go buy some fancy red shoes like yours at church. Those would definitaley give me some inspiration. :) Loved them!

  8. What a great thought - because I am a child of God I know I can do anything. i love it. And, I agree with Bristy, you GO girl!!!!!