Sunday, February 20, 2011

And This Is Where I Stop Writing...

Ok, not really.

But man, I'm hating it right now. And I know exactly why. It's because the scene I am writing requires research before it can be written. In the rough draft version of my manuscript I just glossed over how I wanted the scene to go. But now I'm writing my first draft and I want the manuscript to be as solid as possible.

Writing about something you have zero experience with and need to research is intimidating.

But there's another glitch in my writing as well.

I've said already that this is the furthest I've ever been with completing a manuscript - an entire rough draft and the beginnings of a first draft. But the urge to sit and edit what I've written in my first draft is eating at me.

In the past I'd get stuck in a neverending edit of the first chapter and never progress anywhere else in the book. The husband would nag me to move on and write more than the first chapter. I knew he was right, but editing is like trying to scratch an itch on that part of your back that is impossible to reach. Always scratching without getting at the itch.

So, here is a compromise for the husband and the itch. 500 NEW and UNEDITED words that are moving the plot forward will be written each day. Then, AND ONLY THEN, will I allow myself to go back to previous chapters and edit.

Weekly Word Goal - 3000
Weekly Reading Goal - The Sisters Grimm: Book 2, Howl's Moving Castle


  1. So are you saying your husband is an itch?

  2. No, I think she said you were a nag! Lol

  3. hahaha.

    The Wife got it right. But I need a nag or I'd never write anything. And you're a hot nag - so it all works. :)