Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meeting My Characters

Meeting new people is not my forte. I get all insecure and even making small talk becomes as difficult as say - I don't know - holding my breath for three minutes.

Maybe that's why interviewing my characters is so much fun. I can skip the small talk and go straight for the hard questions.

Me - "So (insert character's name here), tell me about some of your childhood issues."

Character - "When I was nine I invited a bunch of girls over to have a sleepover. My parents had just bought a new VCR. Well, one of the girls (who I didn't like very much anyway. I don't know why I invited her) stuck a popcorn kernal inside the VCR. My parents were furious and got mad at the girl. I felt bad that she had ruined the VCR. But more than that I was embarrassed that my parents got mad at her. So now, years later, I don't like to have people over to hang out. I mean, you never know what could happen."

Me - "Wow. Umm, don't you think that's a little weird that you still don't like to have people over. I really doubt a 16 year old is going to shove popcorn into your VCR."

Character - *whispering* "You never know..."

Yeah, interviewing characters is much more fun. Especially paranoid ones.

What do you do to get to know your charaters better?


  1. I do this too! It's so much fun! And it helps you get to know them really well.