Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Bachelor vs. Writing

Confession - I LOVE watching The Bachelor.

I mean, seriously. The cheesy shots of Brad Womack showing off his abs. The psycho
hairstylist - whose really an actress - from Utah. The sweetheart Barbie from the South. Really, she looks like Barbie. (I'd like to look like Barbie..... *sigh*)

If you've never watched it - don't. Its addicting.

Unless you want a mindless, guilty pleasure. Then watch it. Watch it. Watch it.

So last night I really wanted to watch it. But I hadn't written for the day.

Making it harder was the fact that I'm now working on my first draft. And its hard. Its hard for me to make up a whole life for a person. Create their world.

My rough draft was really just covering all the main plot points. It was really bare. The whole draft being just under 17,000 words. That's an itty bitty thing.

I knew I had a lot to add. And I was nervous. I'm still nervous. Can I actually create a whole other world?

Think of a puzzle. But, before you put the pieces together you have to decide what the picture is on your puzzle. A lighthouse? Two girls playing in a field of daisies? A dog show competition?

Right now I have the picture of a lighthouse drawn but I still need to add the rough ocean, the orange sunset, and the jagged rocks to make it a puzzle worthy picture.

So - anyway - back to The Bachelor. I didn't watch it. I wrote 733 words in two hours. Two hours, people!!! Only three double spaced pages. It was that hard for me.

But at the end of it, I was so happy. So very happy.

Considering how long it took me to write such few words I'm lowering my word goal for this week.

Weekly Words Written Goal - 3,000
Words Written So Far - 733

The Help - on page 126 of 451

As soon as the baby goes to sleep, I'll be folding my laundry and watching *drumroll* THE BACHELOR!


  1. Bachelor. Definately, the Bachelor. lolololol -kenny

  2. Ok now you guys have convinced me to watch the batchelor! BTW - I'm jealous (and happy or DELIGHTED) you have your writing that makes you so very happy!!!

    I love reading your posts.

  3. I say jealous because I'm DYING and STRUGGLING to figure out what my passion is and am envious of all those out there who have figured theirs out. I NEED TO CREATE SOMETHING GOOD!!! That gives the after buzz.

  4. Kenny - I didn't know you read my blog, let alone watched The Bachelor. ;) hahahaha.

    Mom - I think we all have an innate desire to create, just because of who we spiritually are and who our Father is. Whether it be an art form, or turning our house into a home, or starting a business, or children.
    I made that list without you personaly in mind. But looking over it I realize you've done each one of those things. You've created MANY good things.
    I love you. Now go make that doll! :)

  5. You have much more willpower than me. I haven't been watching the Bachelor this season thanks to Ollie's birth. Now I kinda want to find all the episodes and watch them.

    Way to go on writing over 700 words. You are amazing! When you become a famous author I am totally going to brag that you were my neighbor before you were famous :)