Friday, February 18, 2011


Life likes to play dirty little tricks. Recently, it has been playing a little game I like to call, The Neverending To Do List. For three or four weeks I put utmost priority on being a Reading Mommy Writer. Yup, that's the official title.

It was wonderful. If my kids didn't need me I was either reading or writing. But there was a little problem. Moms don't just take care of their kids. They -

1. Fix meals

2. Balance checkbook and pay bills

3. Laundry

4. Plan weekly dinner menues

5. Grocery Shop

6. Straighten the house

7. Mop

8. Vaccuum

9. Dust

10. Make Beds


And this was the week that I finally felt the pressure of all I've been neglecting. But guess what? I WANT TO MASTER THE ART OF WRITING A NOVEL! And bygone, I'm going to.

I'm going to stop worring about my dirty bathroom floor. Because I guarentee my 8, 5, and 1 year old boys don't care. And the husband says as long as he can walk through a room without tripping he doesn't care.

I'm learning to prioritize what I want in this life. I really doubt at the end of my life I'll think, "Boy, I'm sure glad I scrubbed my house spotless instead of writing that stupid book."

Though it doesn't help that my book has gotten really hard to write, making the thought of cleaning the dirty bathroom floor sound so much more fun than forcing myself to add depth to my book.

But I've done it. I've written on average 500 words each day this week. Except for yesterday, when I called a psychic for book research. The whole time on the phone with her I just wanted to hear her mystical voice say, "Oh, you're an amazing writer! This book will be glorious. It won't be hard to write. You'll have it completed in six months, sign with the first top selling agent you query, and be a record bestseller!"

But she didn't. Nope. Instead, her answers to my questions have made my book that much harder to write.

That's another one of Life's games. It's called, A Twist.

Not sure I care much for that one either.


  1. 500 per day! Amazing, good job!

    Ok seriously, why haven't you told me about your psychic conversations?

    I'm dying to hear. LOL

  2. Did the psychic anticipate your call and give you answers to your questions before you asked them? If not, you might want to find another psychic.

  3. Did she tell you you'd be rich?
    I agree. When you stand at the pearly gates you won't care so much whether your house could have been in a magazine. nice post.

  4. Mom, Remind me next time we talk and I'll tell you all about it.

    Good point, Adam. I better start making more calls. :)

    Gaylene - I'm glad you can post on here again. What's up with my tempermental blog, anyway?

  5. I totally agree! Gotta make sure you keep your priorities straight. also anytime you think your house is messy, just come to mine, it'll be worse. And why do you need to make dinner when there's a Barry's just here in town? :)
    500 words a day? You are awesome!