Friday, February 4, 2011

Avidly Reading

If you read my journal from Jr. High (and no, that is so not an offer) you'd think I'd done nothing but read. Every daily post talks about the book I'd just finished. I vividly remember my English teacher in 8th grade asking us to list the books we'd read over the summer, and I taking such pride in having the longest list.

I'll admit, I don't read like I used to. A mom of three boys doesn't have time to read a book a day.

However, when I do have spare time, I find myself flipping through my email, Facebook, and like I would with the channels on T.V.

Such wasted time.

Linda Sue Park, awarding winning author of A Single Shard and A Long Walk To Water, has said to think of doctors, lawyers, and plumbers. Think how long they've trained for their profession. How many hours they've put into studying.

Reading, is an authors way of studying. Park credits her hours of reading to let her know when she's written a mediocre sentence.

So, I'm making another goal. To read two books a week. Unless, of coarse, its an exceptionally long book. Then it'll just be one book a week.

Goodbye obsessive checking of email, Facebook, and (I really love

Weekly Manuscript Writing Goal - 4800 words
Current Words Written - 3483
Reading Goal - finish The Sisters Grimm (Book 1) by Saturday night

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  1. I know you posted previously about the concept of goal setting. And with this post I am impressed with the importance of fostering self control to reach those goals. I'm going to work on that too.